In the age of Black Lives Matter—Black Love is her radical protest. 


Proud Seattle native—Veronica Very is founder and visionary, of Wonder of Women International and HV Black Art Design company in partnership with her husband artist Hiawatha D. Together they consult small businesses, designs exciting brand campaigns and products, and co-create African American healing experiences that amplifies and inspires Black love. 


Veronica's life work as Founder & Visionary of Wonder of Women International and HV BlackARTDesign, is the inspiration and co-creator of Iconic Black Women collection painted by her husband Hiawatha D. recently exhibited at the Northwest African American Museum. 


Veronica also published a coffee table book entitled, Dear Sista: A Sacred Collection of Love, Light, and Liberation Letters from My Sisters featuring Iconic Black Women images by Hiawatha D.


Veronica’s work inspired GirlTrek, the nation’s largest public health nonprofit for African American women and girls to invite her to speak in twenty-one cities nationwide.