“Simultaneously: Fire...ice; eruptive...deeply soothing. These words only begin to describe the gift called Veronica Very. If my experience of her speaking is anything, it is a healing balm for the inner woman!"

Dr. Lauretta Halstead 

“Veronica Very is fiercely committed to (and gifted at) guiding women through the kind of deep-dive personal work that is required for  true radical self-love, healing, and spiritual and emotional elevation.“

Phillis Mims Gillum M.D., OBGYN Physician, Poet & International Speaker

"Veronica Very is a raw, unapologetic, powerful, truth bearer who is masterful at "shattering illusions" then equipping an audience with tools to unleash authentic wonder in every area of their lives!"

Dr. Vikki Johnson, Founder & Creator

Soul Wealth Sacred Sisterhood

“People often speak of being healers but Veronica Very truly embodies the word healer. Her genuine desire to see every person healed is felt whenever you’re in her presence. “ 

Jeri Dyson M.D. Author, Physician & Founder, Global Girls Global Women Inc.

“Each year, GirlTrek convenes a corps of world-class teachers, content experts and medical professionals to lead America's Largest organization for Black women. Veronica is the teacher's teacher. She's our guru! Her powerful voice, keen strategy and loving leadership sets the agenda every time."

T. Morgan Dixon

Founder & CEO, GirlTrek 

“It is said that people won’t remember what you’ve said, they will remember how you made them feel. Witnessing Veronica Very in action evokes a FEELING that is unforgettable! She is more than a powerful speaker, Veronica Very is a movement. Her authentic presence shifts the listener towards healing in manner that makes transformation inevitable. If you enter a room with Veronica, you will feel seen AND you will be changed! “

Anika Wilson Brown MSW PhD

Transformational Leader & Visionary

"Veronica is one of the most powerful healers I know. She lives her life in a way that gives women the permission to break past the lies that we have told ourselves, freeing us from unhealthy patterns and behaviors."

Vanessa Garrison

Founder & COO, GirlTrek